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Enhancing Employment Outcomes

Enhancing Employment Outcomes

We strive to level the playing field, helping job seekers with disabilities find rewarding work that resonates with their skills and interests.
Empowering Our Network

Empowering Our Network

We build capacity within our network by providing resources, tools, and training that enable our members to better serve their clients and promote inclusive employment.
Engaging Employers

Engaging Employers

We partner with businesses of all sizes across Alberta, advocating for workplace diversity and inclusivity, while providing them with the resources to hire, train, and support employees with disabilities.
Supporting Policymakers

Supporting Policymakers

We offer insight, data, and recommendations to policymakers, to shape legislation that fosters inclusive employment and removes barriers for individuals with disabilities.

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    We are a passionate group of professionals, community advocates, and change agents working together to create an equitable and inclusive workforce in Alberta. We believe in the talent and potential of every individual, regardless of their abilities.
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    Learn about the benefits of inclusive employment, access resources to support diverse hiring, and see how your business can thrive with a more inclusive workforce.
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    Gain insight into the challenges and opportunities faced by job seekers with disabilities, and learn how policy can drive inclusive employment practices.

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    Join our network of dedicated professionals who are working to promote equal employment opportunities for everyone.

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    Stay updated with the latest news, resources, and AEFN offerings including free training for all AEFN members and staff.
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    Join us in our mission to create a more inclusive workforce where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. Together, we can make a difference.
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    DEAM 2023 Grant Applications are open!

    Alberta Employment First Network (AEFN) is delivering grants across Alberta to support DEAM events during October 2023.

    The purpose of DEAM is to promote employment inclusion and increased participation in Alberta's economy, raise awareness, celebrate the contributions of workers with disabilities, and support employers to have inclusive hiring practices.
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    Download DEAM Funding Budget Template

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