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April 4, 2024
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Upskilling Data Analysis and Business Intelligence Program at NorQuest College

 The Data Analysis and Business Intelligence Program is a 16-week, hands on program that includes both in-person learning and on-the-job work integrated learning. During the first part of the classroom component, participants acquire employment skills and develop workplace self-advocacy tools to ensure clear communication with their employer focused on equity, productivity, and accommodation. During the second classroom-based component, participants engage in an intensive technical training program that facilitates the ability to analyze data sets, dashboards and highly intricate excel spreadsheets. Work integrated learning activities with employer partners will be introduced during the classroom training portion of the program. This slow introduction will ensure we find the best-fit for employment for both the learner and the employer partner. Further, it enables our Career Coaches to support each participant and employer with their unique needs. Ultimately, the participants will be supported in gradually increasing their time with the employer while decreasing their time in the classroom. The final work integrated learning experience will range from 100 to 200 hours. Participants will also receive a stiped for their work integrated learning experience. 

The program aims to support the unique and individual needs of the participants for accommodations critical to successful skill building and employment retention. 

 What are some of the key highlights of this program: 

  • Learn the foundational components of business intelligence and data analytics. 
  • Gain transferable skills such as importing and converting data files, creating dashboards and advanced spreadsheet modeling. 
  • A minimum of 100 hours of integrated work experience with hands-on experience in a data analysis role with a partner employer. 
  • Renumeration for work placement time 
  • Learn current transferable skills including data entry, data transformation, data modelling, and data visualizations. 
  • Participants will learn professional communication skills, teamwork and collaboration, information literacy, and project management. 
  • Learn critical job seeking skills including resume writing, development of cover letters, and interview skills. 
  • Access to career coaching throughout both the in-class and work experience components. 
  • Classroom support and accommodations as needed. 
  • No tuition costs for participants 

The classroom components are offered in-person and instructor-led by our faculty instructors. Participants should expect to commit 4-6 hours per day, Monday through Friday to the program. Work experience hours will depend on the employer and may range from part-time to full-time roles. There will be continuous support offered by me to the instructor and the students throughout the program. Students will have the support of a professional job coach, and there will be support from the employer liaison who will be there to support both the student and the employer. The employer will also be offered training from one of our college faculty programs on introductory knowledge of Autism.

NorQuest College has three sessions this year:

May 2024-August 2024

September 2024-December 2024

December 2024 – March 2025

Our website link Is listed below. Click the link or copy and paste to your web browser. On the website, there Is a link that you can click where it will take you directly to the application form.

Upskilling For Data Analytics and Business Intelligence | NorQuest College- Edmonton, Alberta

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